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Mitsubishi Nessie is clean 4x4

2005-02-18 07:11

Italdesign, which built the concept in collaboration with the Linde Group (remember those sexy forklift ads?) says the Nessie represents an in-depth analysis into the issue of the day, the SUV.

Research into styling was focused around all-new product sculptural modeling, with a keen eye steered towards bodyside and volume plasticity giving breath of life to a vehicle architecture never seen before, the 2.5 SUV coupé.

Having obtained an operating Mitsubishi chassis, Italdesign Giugiaro installed a powerful V8 engine along with a a hydrogen fuel system, applied in collaboration with the Linde Group.

Thinking behind this is that this power source renders this vehicle absolutely 'clean', all operated and managed by an automatic gear box and a sophisticated electronically controlled all-wheel-drive.


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