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Meet the fastest Porsche 911!

2006-03-08 07:03

The hottest 911 yet

Sportec's SPR1 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and this hotty beats the 911 Turbo and the GT3 on performance.

Whereas it takes the GT3 4.3 seconds and the Turbo 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h, the SPR1 does it in an amazing three seconds.

The SPR1 also reaches 200 km/h in only 8.7 seconds and Sportec claims that it has a top speed of "above 380 km/h".

Its tuned 6-cylinded 3.6-litre engine thrusts out 590 kW at 8 200 r/min and torque is a high 880 Nm at 4800 r/min. The power to weight ratio is an amazing 2.28kg/kW.


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