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M7 alternative from Alpina

2009-03-02 07:05
Those classic multispoke wheels. The deep blue hue

Those classic multispoke wheels. The deep blue hue and subtle styling details - Alpina hallmarks adorn this leaked B7 image. We’ll see how it looks inside and out later this week at the Geneva motor show.

Yearning for an M7? Visit Buchloe based Alpina at the Geneva motor show this week and fill in your order form the company's latest toy, the 7 Series based B7 bi-turbo.

Alpina, which enjoys a curiously cordial relationship with BMW - considering it’s perpetually trying to usurp the Bavarian company’s M division products - has given the latest 7 Series some design edge.

With nearly 50 years of bespoke BMW aftermarket tuning experience Alpina - a former office equipment producer – specialises in subtle exterior customising, luxurious interior trim packages and significant power upgrades.

M5 power from blown V8

Turning its considerable technical expertise to the latest 7 Series Alpina’s powertrain engineers have boosted the twin-turbo 4.4l V8’s output from 300- to 373kW and torque from 600- to 700Nm.

Suffice to say Alpina’s claim of a sub five second 0-100km/h sprint is hardly the stuff of a fertile public relation officer's imagination.

Although we doubt the leaked B7 image was accidental, Alpina has been coy surrounding further details. From the image a subtle rear spoiler and aerodynamically embellish lower front fascia can se seen, whilst the 7 Series wheelarches and flanks remain generally unmolested.

Those huge, multispoke, wheels might be a nightmare to clean, but they carry the Alpina heritage strongly and allegedly hide an upgraded brake system, whilst forging a strong dynamic partnership with a performance suspension set-up containing active roll stabilisation.

A real M7?

BMW’s board is hardly in the mood to bungle their fiduciary responsibility by signing off a full-blown M7, hooligan limo’s seem to be the preserve of AMG.

Considering this, the Alpina B7 should be a perfect compromise for those who envisage the BMW 760Li, due later this year, as a touch too soft for their dynamic requirements.

Full Alpina B7 details should appear later this week as the Geneva auto show opens.


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