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Lambo's wildest Murcielago!

2009-03-04 06:49
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lamborghini
Model LP670-4 SuperVeloce
Engine 6.5l, V12
Power 493kW @ 8 000r/min
Torque 660Nm
Zero To Hundred sub 3.2 sec
Top Speed 341km/h
Dieted down by 100kg Lamborghini’s Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce may be, but it’s still a phat 493kW supercar, ask anybody who saw it unveiled at the Geneva motor show this week.

Featuring a new front and rear exterior design (transposing many Reventon elements), with a transparent engine cover amidships and a choice of large or extra-large rear spoiler options, the SuperVeloce is a natural progression for the LP range.

Technically, SuperVeloce retains all-wheel drive traction to tame the 6.5l V12’s outputs of 493kW and 660Nm.

Transmission options are twofold, with most customers expected to forgo the challenging six-speed manual’s clutch operation for the standard sequential automatic six-speed gearbox, assisted by e-gear electro-hydraulics.

Transmission tunnel and the floor are made of carbon-fibre, plenty of Alcantara trim too - so don't drop your bubble gum...

Trimming 100kg in weight has resulted in cabin environment tailored for F1 fetishists. Carbon-fibre and Alcantara (lighter than leather they say) are the primary materials, tallying nearly a third (34kg) of the total SuperVeloce weight loss program.

Performance, as a result of the 100kg weight reduction, equates to a 0-100km/h run of less than 3.2 seconds and 341km/h at the top end. Sporting dual limited-slip differentials, and suspended by double-wishbones at all four corners tailing a dual strut setup on rear axle, traction and handling should be beyond reproach.

Lamborghini boss man Stephan Winkelmann - not an Italian? Really? - has said the SuperVeloce range will be limited to a production run of only 350 units to boost exclusivity and keep residuals firm.


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