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Hispano-Suiza makes R8 comeback

2010-02-26 07:55

Allegedly the new Hispano-Suiza based R8 will be a supercharged 5.2l V10 hybrid with 661kW of total drivetrain power. Nice. We’ll believe it when we see it though…

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Hispano-Suiza
Model R8
Engine 5.2l supercharged V10
Power 551kW (110kW hybrid drive)
Zero To Hundred 330km/h
Remember Hispano-Suiza? No, you probably don’t - unless you're 90.

The Spanish (well, some would say French, others Swiss) firm was responsible for some of the most stylish European cars of the interwar period.

If you did your national service with the Rhodesian Army you might be familiar with Hispano’s other spin-off business - 20mm helicopter-mounted cannons.

Whichever way you care to remember the brand (if you can at all), it's making a comeback on the automotive side with a radical, rebodied, Audi R8 V10.

Hispano-Suiza will be unveiling the new car (the firm’s first since the outbreak of World War Two) on Monday at the Geneva auto show. It would appear there could be actual substance behind the computer renderings they’ve released as teasers.

Styling owes much to the great cubist artists of Spain. Looks pretty cool.

Supercharged R8

Technically, Hispano says the Audi 5.2l V10 benefits form a supercharger, which boosts power by 168kW, which is a pretty handy power gain from the un-blown engine’s 386kW to the Hispano version's 551kW.

Although details of a much vaunted hybrid drive system are not yet forthcoming, Hispano says an additional 110kW of electric drive should be available to augment the petrol engine.

The R8-based Hispano-Suiza show car destined for Geneva is claimed to run the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in under four seconds and see off a top speed of 330km/h - a negligible improvement over the stock R8 V10 considering the additional power on offer...

Obviously, we’ll only believe all these fantastic numbers when a carbon-copy Hispano R8 is actually unveiled on Monday.

The one number which will probably never settle into the realm of normality is the projected price – a staggering £700 000, and that doesn't even include a complementary 20mm cannon...


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