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Gorgeous concept shows new Focus

2009-03-03 10:31

Ford is giving the world a preview of what to expect of the next generation Focus with the unveiling of the Iosis MAX concept car at the Geneva Motor Show.

Not only does this eye-catching concept give us a sneak peek of Ford’s best-selling car but other new Fords such as the C-Max MPV and a new mini MPV too.

The Iosis MAX is the third in a line of concepts, stretching back to 2005, which have so far previewed the popular new Fiesta, the Kuga SUV and latest Mondeo.

This concept, with its mini MPV appearance, has a striking coupé-like side profile – created by the lack of B-pillars. It features Ford’s new dramatic design language and its nose gets a dominant trapezoid grille, with a trio of chrome bars.

The Fiesta-like headlights and taillight cluster ad to the concept’s striking appearance.

There are some practical styling elements too such as the C-pillars’ “flying buttress” design which act as mini spoilers, channelling air as close as possible to the tailgate, while the active front cooling ducts are closed off when they’re not needed.

There is also a clever two-piece tailgate so the rear screen and spoiler can be opened independently, even in tight and restricted spaces, while the entire hatch can be lifted too.

The side doors make the most of the pillarless profile with the rear ones sliding back for easy access - even the bonnet slides back over the windscreen rather than lift upwards.

Under the bonnet the Iosis Max gets a 132kW1.6-litre petrol unit from Ford’s EcoBoost range – the firm’s next generation of clean but powerful engines.

With a turbocharger and direct-injection technology Ford boost efficiency while maintaining power output. Other eco boosters include an auto-start-stop system and a six-speed double-clutch gearbox which will apparently help to lower the vehicle’s CO2 output to as , and early simulations have shown this concept could achieve CO2 emissions as low as 125g/km.


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