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Citroën previews snappy DS4

2010-02-15 10:00
Citroën's striking DS High Rider concept is the next in a line of exciting new studies bearing the iconic DS nomenclature.

The second DS concept will be shown at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and is a likely preview of the promised DS4 crossover SUV.

Described as a "bold and radical vision of the future", the concept basically takes a four-door coupe idea and places it on an elevated platform. The concept's profile is characterised by its high waistline, while its front end shows off a purposeful stance with the prominent new face of Citroën.

High Rider is not extremely large though, measuring just 4.26 metres long and 1.48 metres high - attributes that should make it quite nimble and responsive. However, the manufacturer assures that despite its compact design, the cabin should allow for sufficient room for its four occupants.

But more than making a style statement, the DS High Rider concept makes an environmental statement, too. It is powered by a "full hybrid" powertrain using a combination of a turbodiesel engine and an electric motor placed on the rear axle. This should provide the car with the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine plus the low emissions of an electric vehicle.

Look out for more details when the concept is shown at next month's Geneva show.


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