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10 cars we're excited for at the Geneva auto show

2018-03-06 10:20

Geneva - The first motor show of 2018 is upon us and this time Geneva takes centre stage as the world's top automakers show off new models and concept cars. 

We've nailed down 10 cars we think are the ones to look forward to at this year's show. From the V6-powered Mercedes-Benz X-Class to the wildly powerful McLaren Senna, the firm's most powerful production car yet. 

Check out the list: 

1. Porsche's insane 911 GT3 RS at Geneva auto show

2Honda's new models for Geneva auto show: Next-gen CR-V, new Civic Type R TCR

3. Mercedes to debut X-Class V6 bakkie

4Geneva auto show: VW teases I.D. Vizzion concept

5. New Subaru XV to be unveiled at Geneva motor show

6. Mitsubishi will debut all-new SUV at the Geneva motor show

7. 124 Spider S-Design... Fiat at the Geneva auto show

8. SA-bound Trackhawk, new Wrangler... Jeep at the Geneva auto show

9. Carbon-fibred McLaren Senna to be unveiled at the Geneva Motoring Show

10. Alfa Romeo at the Geneva auto show


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