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176kW Mito GTA takes on Cooper S

2009-02-24 08:18
This is what happens when you miniaturise an 8C Co

This is what happens when you miniaturise an 8C Competizione. Alfa’s disarming Mito hatch will boast severe performance credentials when it goes on conceptual GTA display at Geneva in two weeks. You just know they’re going to built it.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Alfa Romeo
Engine 1.75l, inline-four, turbo
Power 176kW
Alfa Romeo has confirmed power numbers and technical details for the most anticipated hot hatch of 2009, set for debut in less than two weeks at the Geneva motor show.

With a design blending characteristic hot hatch drama with perfect proportions, the Mito GTA concept’s visual drama is heightened by lashings of carbon-fibre employed in the construction of the rear hatch, roof and side mirrors. The carbon fibre fetish is allegedly in the interest of lowering the Mito GTA’s centre of gravity.

Viewed from the front the large air-intakes, traditional Alfa grille and 8C Competizione inspired side air-intakes endow the Mito GTA with undeniable presence.

Around the rear of the car the centrally mounted dual exhausts and aerodynamic lower fascia treatment look epic. Away from the visual drama, underneath the Mito GTA, is a flat undertray, ensuring optimal airflow and stability.

Concept Mito GTA looks quite production ready. Sinfully attractive rear-end will hopefully be left unmolested.

Dynamics commensurate to visual design drama

The car’s front suspension employs new geometry with aluminium leading arms, while the rear suspension features all-new bushings.

The chassis as a whole rides 20mm lower and boasts an ‘active' suspension system, developed by Magneti Marelli. Called advanced damper control, it counteracts the transfer of load under acceleration, stiffening the rear end and optimising traction.

Powering the Mito GTA is an unusually small direct injection engine measuring 1.75l, nestling neatly in the engine architecture history of Alfa Romeo. Featuring dual variable valve timing and state-of-the-art turbocharging it produces 176kW. It sounds even more impressive in comparative terms when you calculate it as 100kW per litre.

A set of multispoke 19-inch mags hides the specially developed Brembo brakes, which comprise a new calliper design partnering dual discs, cast in iron and aluminium, thereby reducing weight per wheel corner by 20%.

Epic looks, 176kW and a focused weight reduction program. John Cooper Works Mini owners have been warned.



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