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Subaru’s Toyota gets a name

2011-08-25 06:34

TWINS: Toyota's FT-86 concept was most recently seen at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

Subaru’s version of the sports coupe it shares with Toyota finally has a name – BRZ.

While Toyota has already revealed its FT-86 to the world, partner Subaru has been less hasty, instead promising a concept of the rear-wheel drive sports coupe at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt auto show.


It will, reportedly, show the production version at the later Tokyo show in November, 2011.

But more than a hodge-podge of letters making a sort of pronounceable acronym, the BRZ badge is said to hold great significance to Subaru. The B is for its signature horizontally-opposed boxer engine, R for rear-wheel drive and Z, apparently, for zenith…

The BRZ was jointly developed by Toyota and each manufacturer's car will be powered by Subaru’s boxer engine with styling by Toyota. The car will be built in Japan by Subaru.

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