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Pics! Opel 4x4

2005-09-14 08:16

Next Frontera!

The Antara GTC concept (Gran Turismo Crossover) hints at the next generation Opel Frontera, which is said will be available in South Africa too.

It is expected that the production version will go on sale sometime in 2006 and it will rival SUVs such as the Hyundai Tuscon, Kia Sportage and of course the forthcoming VW Bedouin.

According to Opel the Antara shows a "sporty interpretation" of an SUV.

With the striking LED headlamps that run well into the fenders, and the brand's typical crease in the engine bonnet the front of the four-seater accentuates Opel's new design line.

Viewed from the side, attention is captured by the frameless windows that drop right down and contribute to the coupe-like silhouette.

With a number of optical and technical details and typical Opel versatility in the interior, the study also sets out to satisfy demanding practical requirements.

The tailgate, for example, has a pantographic hinge. Thanks to this innovative design, when it is opened, it swings upwards and to the front so that the person loading the vehicle is not forced to take a step backwards.

This provides more convenient access to the load compartment. The two rear seats can be folded away completely from the rear of the vehicle, producing a completely flat loading area.

The front seats are anchored on mono-rails and look as if they are floating. With the aid of an EasyEntry system, they slide forward at the press of a button up to the instrument panel to allow the passengers to climb more easily into the rear seats.

Beneath the bonnet, the Antara GTC features a 155 kW twin-turbo version of the 1.9 CDTI four-cylinder engine.

The transverse installed concept power plant produces 400 Nm starting at 1 400 r/min. A six-speed automatic transmission drives power to the wheels.

It has a top speed of about 210 km/h and acceleration from zero to 100 km/h is about 8 seconds.



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