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Peugeot’s glowing MPV vision

2011-08-29 13:10

LOOKING AHEAD: Peugeot's HX1 concept represents the French automaker's vision for its next generation of MPVs - with a handy coffee machine and mini bar...

The humble people-carrier has never looked this sexy… Peugeot reveals the HX1 concept car it’ll show at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

Low-slung and with room for six, the HX1 provides zero-emissions driving with its hybrid4 engine and plug-in charging.

Peugeot considers its concept to be “prospective”, moving the game forward in a number of fields that include architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, interior materials and engines.

In terms of its design, the HX1 has four reverse-opening doors for greater accessibility, the company says, and two retractable centre seats.


The concept’s aerodynamics are also something to hoot about, Peugeot says, since the seven vanes within the HX1’s wheel rims open to create a flat disc surface and a spoiler and skirts are deployed above 100km/h.

Stylistically, the HX1 bears Peugeot’s latest design identity with a “floating” grille, feline headlights and a diode lighting signature, front and rear. Cabin materials and styling supposedly capture “motion and emotion” with the use of oak, inlaid fibre optics, brushed metal, leather  and fancy interior lighting.

Something else worth looking forward to are the individual and reclinable rear seats with a set of controls in the centre armrest. The console – adorned, believe it or not, in white Carrara marble – also houses a mini bar and a coffee-maker…


Sustaining the car’s power reserves is Peugeot’s Hybrid4 technology, an extension of the diesel hybrid first seen on the 3008 Hybrid4 that uses an internal combustion engine (a 150kW, 2.2-litre HDI) to power the front wheels and a 70kW electric motor to power the rear wheels. Combined output is 220kW driving through a six-speed auto gearbox.

This enables the vehicle to be driven slowly on batteries alone in zero-exhaust mode for perhaps, or engages “four-wheel drive” when the engine and electric motor work together.

Furthermore, the HX1 can be charged from a domestic power plug.

According to Peugeot, the HX1 has a general fuel consumption of 3.2 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 83 g/km.

The car will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show from September 13, 2011.

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