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VW unleashes hottest Beetle yet

2005-01-11 07:42

According to VW the New Beetle Ragster is a "hot potential", which means it could hint of what to expect from future Beetle models.

The development team based the Ragster on the reinforced convertible, shortening the A-pillars by about 90 mm and creating a set u-shaped roof fixing for the Ragtop's frame.

VW says the Ragster shows new visual ways. And this does not only hold true for the top. The fenders, bumpers, headlights, tail lights and 19-inch aluminium rims are all newly designed as well and more progressive and sporty than before.

It also has a newly designed interior: Racing car bucket seats, sports car type steering wheel with integrated engine start button (right side) and ragtop control (left side), center console and the extremely clean designed cargo area.

Although there is no info about the Ragster's power train VW says that it could feature a powerful petrol engine or a high torque TDI unit.


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