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Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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Merc’s new twin-turbo diesel in SA

2010-02-19 13:44

Sergio Davids

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Engine OM651 four cylinder twin-turbo diesel
Power 150kW@ 4 200 r/min; 125kW @ 3 200r/min - 4 200 r/min
Torque 500Nm @ 1 600r/min - 1 800 r/min; 400Nm @ 1 400 - 2 800 r/min
Transmission Five-speed automatic
Fuel Consumption 5.0/100km
Price C220 CDI BlueEfficiency R387 000; E250 CDI BlueEfficieny R517 000
Mercedes-Benz has, since the introduction of its 260 D in 1936, released a few legendary diesel engines. To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel-fueled engine, the manufacturer releases a brand new twin-turbo diesel engine for its C- and E-Class models.

In its most powerful variant, the new four-cylinder twin-turbo unit for the E250 CDI BlueEfficiency musters up 150 kW, while torque is up by 25% from 400 to 500 Nm.

More power, improved fuel consumption

Despite the 25-kW increase over the previous turbodiesel, this engine makes frugal use of diesel with fuel consumption figures for both the C220 and E250 models rated at 5.8l/100km.

The new engine propels the C-Class sedan from 0-100km/h in 7.7 seconds, and the E-Class sedan from 0–100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

The new drive unit boasts torque build-up from low revs and translates to the engine being capable of running economically at low engine speeds for routine driving situations.

Two-stage turbo charging

The new diesel unit two turbochargers and marks the first ever instance of two-stage turbo charging in a diesel passenger car engine from Mercedes-Benz. The aim of this concept is to eliminate the inherent drawbacks of a single-stage turbocharger, namely turbo lag.

The compact module for the new two-stage turbo charging concept consists of a small high-pressure plus a large low-pressure turbocharger. Both comprise of a turbine and a turbine-driven compressor connected to each other.

The high-pressure turbine has a diameter of 38.5 mm and is positioned directly in the exhaust manifold. The flow of exhaust gases flows through this turbine first, causing it to rotate at speeds of up to 248 000 revolutions per minute.

Downstream from the high-pressure turbine, the two exhaust gas streams join up, and any remaining exhaust energy drives the 50mm low pressure turbine at a maximum speed of 185 000 revolutions per minute.

Driving both the C- and E-Class derivatives housing the new engine showed the engines to be very refined and virtually without turbo lag, which should be a boon for diehard diesel fans.


Mercedes-Benz will be offering the new BlueEfficiency models in both sedan and estate variants, with plans to bring the E250 estate later this year.

C220 CDI BlueEfficiency       R387 000        (Sedan)
C220 CDI BlueEfficiency       R396 000        (Estate)

E250 CDI BlueEfficiency       R517 000        (Sedan)
E250 CDI BlueEfficiency       TBA                (Estate)


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