Merc's 415kW Shooting Brake revealed

2012-07-10 09:00

AFFALTERBACH, Germany – Earlier in July 2012 Mercedes-Benz revealed its luxury CLS Shooting Brake. The stunning model demonstrated the German automaker's attempts to create an opulent albeit practical four-door vehicle for "design-orientated car enthusiasts."

Now Mercedes-Benz performance division has taken on the new model by creating a monster version sporting style upgrades, more features and more importantly increased power.

The new CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake is powered by a 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine and available in standard and Edition 1 variants.

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According to Ola Källenius, chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, said: "After the successes of the CLS 55 AMG and CLS 63 AMG, with the new CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake we are consistently pursuing the philosophy of offering our customers unrivalled, exciting high-performance cars."

ACCESS TO 391KW - 415kW

The 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine produces up to 391kW at 5750 rpm and a torque peak of 700 Nm from 1750-5250rpm. The Edition 1 version has an electronically limited output of 415kW at 5250-5750 rpm and maximum torque is rated at 800 Nm between 2000-4500rpm.

Both models offer frightening performance, accelerating to 100km/h in 4.4 and 4.3 seconds respectively with a top speed of 250km/h (electronically limited).

Fuel consumption is identical for both at 8.4 litres/100km while emissions are 235 g/km.
The eight-cylinder engine is mated to an AMG seven-speed sports gearbox equipped with four transmission modes, as well as auto double declutching and race start functionality. In Controlled Efficiency (C) mode, the start/stop function is always enabled. In S (Sport), S+ (Sport plus) and M (Manual) modes, the engine and transmission are significantly more responsive.

Suspension has been improved with the addition of steel struts on the front axle and air suspension struts on the rear axle, as well as automatic level control and an electronic damping system. Drivers can switch between the three suspension modes - Comfort, Sport and Sport plus.

For those who want to get the most out of the new model, AMG offers buyers an optional high-performance braking system with 360mm ventilated and perforated brake discs. The brakes have specially painted brake callipers with "AMG Carbon Ceramic" lettering.


In terms of design, the new model benefits from an AMG styled front finished in gloss black, new radiator grille with a single slat and a new bonnet. New diode headlights are standard.

The rear has been redesigned with a diffuser look and a sports exhaust system with chromed twin tail pipes.
Inside AMG has bolsters the already opulent interior with the addition of leather sport seats, black trim throughout the cabin and a AMGc analogue clock.

The instrument cluster has been upgraded to feature a race timer. A new feature by AMG is the chromed electronic key with the performance division logo.

The exterior and interior can also be customised with a host of optional extras ranging from metallic paint jobs to leather colours.
Källenius said: “The CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake is establishing a completely new, small and select niche sector, and is expected to delight new customers just as much as it will existing AMG enthusiasts. The combination of performance, style and usability is unique."


The AMG Performance Studio gives customers access to a plethora of options for the CLS AMG 63 Shooting Brake. Extras include a carbon-fibre package, AMG trim, rear axle differential lock and a new five-spoke design alloy wheel design riding on 255/35 19" tyres at the front and 285/30 at the rear.

Alternatively you could opt for a 10-spoked design, painted in matt black though riding on the same tyres as the five-spoke design.

The CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake will be launched globally in November 2012. Pricing and specifications still to be confirmed.

  • fall.like.leaves - 2012-07-10 11:01

    It could have 400,000 kW if it wants... still worse than butt-ugly, and an overall fail in design language.

      Slash0x - 2012-07-10 11:06

      All in the name of aerodynamics buddy. It all has a purpose.

  • Slash0x - 2012-07-10 15:59

    The thing is that Mercedes has always had a reputation of being a luxury brand over being a performance brand like BMW. The only manufacturer that has achieved that balance of performance and luxury in the German car market is Audi.

      afrikeni - 2012-07-10 18:18

      Shame, you mean those grossly overpriced VWs.

      fall.like.leaves - 2012-07-11 10:38

      Look, I love Mercedes. I totally understand the stigmas attached to different brands, but at the end of the day they're no more than that - stigmas. What I am tired of is Mercedes' approach of "Ok we'll do it like this, and that's it." - And then they stick to their idea, even if it's terrible. Even if they built their car out of some old churches. I'm not doubting Mercedes's engineering capability for a millisecond - but look at a company like Kia for example, who manage to turn heads now with every model, simply because of looks! They were like "Hey - why don't we just make our cars objectively good-looking?" In the grand scheme of things it doesn't hurt to look good. Why does it seem as if Mercedes purposefully makes their cars eyesores a lot of the time? Or at least they make it look like they forgot their car is butt ugly or something.

      fall.like.leaves - 2012-07-11 10:45

      I could only find two other tangible examples of a real Shooting Brake (When in the **** did it become "Break," I have no idea): 1. The Audi Shooting Brake Concept - Although not in production, it's the legit concept - the ideal design language that should be used. This is what makes me complain about Mercedes' version. 2. Ferrari's FF - A perfect example of a super-car with Shooting Brake design applied. A manufacturer who's willing to innovate without fear. It's funny - Mercedes comes along to use this design and it looks... well... yeah

      erik.p.vanwyk - 2012-07-11 14:59

      Audi has also achieved the balance of boring in my opinion.

      Slash0x - 2012-07-12 08:25

      @erik, would you call the R8 boring? Or the Audi Quattro boring? RS4? I am not an Audi fan but I think that compared to Merc and BMW they're are more technologically advanced by a slight bit and you can see it in their design language. They are using technology as their inspiration in their design, they don't always change little bits of every model and call it a brand new car so to speak.

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