Merc supermoggy gets third axle

2012-10-01 08:09

STUTTGART, Germany – For more than a decade the Unimog U5000 has been the professional vehicle in the extremely mobile off-road Unimog product range specialising in outstanding off-road mobility, torsional flexibility and outstanding traction. The third axle of the new 6x6 version has extended the range of possible operations for the Mercedes Benz off-road specialist even further.

Its permissible gross vehicle weight of 17 tonnes and a payload of about 10 tonnes now make it capable of tackling more jobs, turning it into a versatile all-rounder for special operations, transporting heavy loads or vehicle bodies over especially difficult terrain where it makes the most of its off-road mobility.


From the energy sector to fire services as well as for disaster intervention, the new three-axle Unimog can carry heavy equipment, cranes and fire-fighting bodies with tanks or construction and maintenance crews on nor off-road.

For its technical layout, the new three-axle Unimog relies on time-tried components to ensure that the powerful heavyweight not only gets to any destination off-road but also enjoys a long life. High traction and good manoeuvrability, together with its torsionally flexible frame, 6x6 drive, differential locks, coil springs, eight forward and six reverse gears, a turning circle of only 19.5mm, lower pressure on the ground due to having three axles and six wheels with the option of a central tyre inflation system make sure that the Unimog gets through without a hitch and without doing too much damage to the ground in areas way off the beaten track.

Vehicle handling off-road is also considerably improved by the optional off-road group of gears with eight forward and eight reverse gears.


Unladen, the U5000 6x6 weighs 7.24 tonnes. The curved frame of the three-axle vehicle with its welded tubular cross members has an overall length of 7.4m. Front and rear overhangs are 1050mm. Ground clearance is 480mm, approach and departure angles 50 degrees.

Thanks to BlueTec technology, the standard production series diesel engine OM 924 LA with a performance of 160kW and maximum torque of 810Nm meets Euro V standards. For special operations and the export market, the engine is also available in a Euro III version.

  • marius.viviers - 2012-10-01 16:44

    If only I could afford it!!!!

  • Smurwe - 2013-04-30 08:10

    I wantttg oneeeeeeee!!!!!!

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