Mazda6 out in US, SA not in sight

2013-02-15 10:36

AUSTIN, Texas - The latest model made its debut at the Moscow auto show in August 2012 but even though SA's current model was launched in 2008 Mazda SA can’t confirm a date any more.

Wheels24 was previously told it would arrive during the first half of 2013. Hello...?

Mazda SA spokesperson Yolani Steenkamp told us: “The car was initailly planned to arrive the first half of 2013 but plans have changed and we have no confirmation of the Mazda6 coming here yet.”

The Mazda6 is the second car in the stable to feature the company’s latest generation Skyactiv technologies, with the first being showcased in the CX-5 which was launched locally in May 2012. The Mazda6 shares its platform as the crossover model.


The new car has a fresh new look with dramatic styling and, according to the Detroit News, “Jinba-ittai" - Japanese for exhilarating performance - explains just how much fun this car is to drive. It also follows the same design style introduced in the CX-5 with the Kodo 'soul of motion' theme.

There are the familiar long sweeping horizontal lines, with the windscreen slightly raised making the bonnet look longer. The grille is more refined and the lighting looks even more assertive than the previous oriental look. The new car is slightly shorter, but also wider to create more rear legroom.

The cabin, apparently, is just as nice to look at as the outside, with more comfortable soft-touch materials and optional leather. The facia is not too cluttered by gauges and buttons.


Currently the US line-up includes a 2.5-litre four with a 2.2-liter diesel on the way. The latter, the DetNews tells us, will have less kW but a lot more torque - and further improved fuel efficiency. The previous V6 from the 2012 model is being replaced with a turbocharged four capable of 175kW.

It’s available in the US with a six-speed manual or auto  transmission which, the Detroit News claims, has an urban fuel consumption of 8.1 litres/100km.

Optional features include Bluetooth connectivity, a 17cm colour infotainment touch screen, navigation and reversing camera. Standard (in the US) are blind-spot and lane-departure systems and adaptive cruise. And optional 'smart city brake' system detects pedestrians and animals and stop the car if it is moving at less than 25km/h.

  • JDP - 2013-02-16 22:47

    SA again being used as the global dumping ground for the "old" shape.

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