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Mahindra's battery baby arrives

2013-10-22 11:55

MAHINDRA'S BABY: The Jozi show "birth" was a little late (the stork was grounded at Durban harbour) but the Reva e20 is now on the Mahindra stand - all 19kW of it. Image: Mahindra SA

Johannesburg - The latest vehicle to arrive at the 2013 Johannesburg International Motor Show is the Mahindra e2o - the little hatch was held up in Durban harbour.

The two-door hatchback has seating for four and is powered by a three-phase induction motor which develops 19kW and 92Nm of torque with the energy source  a 72V maintenance-free battery.

The transmission is automatic, the car has 3.9m turning circle, Mahindra sees it as "the future of mobility" with top speed more than 100km/h and a claimed range of 160km on a full charge, which takes five hours from a standard 15A household socket. An hour of charging will provide a range of 20km.

The car also has regenerative braking that returns energy to the battery.


The pre-coloured plastic panels that cover the metal framework are dent-resistant and, as they are not painted, it is very difficult to see any scratches on them.

The car's energy management system and 10 computers provide information to the driver. Self-diagnosis sends alerts in case of a fault being identified and the infotainment system has a number of media options - including satnav.

In case your Mahindra e2o is low on energy you can use a Smartphone app to activate a reserve charge to get you going again. The apps can also lock/unlock the car and switch on the aircon remotely.

Mahindra may consider selling the car in SA.

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