Lexus SA confirms all-new ES 250

2013-10-02 08:07

Cape Town - Lexus South Africa has confirmed that it will expand its 2013 model range with the all-new ES 250 in November. Here's the pictures - see the cars in the metal at the upcoming Johannesburg International Motor Show.

The first ES was introduced in 1989; this the latest model of the Japanese super-sedans is the sixth generation of what is now becoming an icon in the world of luxury automobiles. It is the best-selling Lexus sedan.

Lexus ES250 gallery

Glenn Crompton, vice-president of marketing for Lexus SA, said the addition of the new ES served to reinforce Lexus' ongoing commitment to customers and innovation.


"Its introduction to the local market is a direct result of customer demand for a more accessible, value-orientated luxury offering from Lexus and we are pleased to have secured two options while expanding our innovative hybrid vehicle portfolio (the ES 300h will be available to order).

“Price-wise, the new ES will slot in in just below the IS range but spatially it offers accommodation closer to that of the GS – think of it as the spacious and comfortable alternative to the more dynamically focused IS and GS ranges. It is elegantly styled yet suitably bold, underpinned by a chassis that offers satisfying driving qualities and an incredibly smooth ride.

"This is matched by unprecedented levels of standard equipment, leading technology and a high-quality interior bristling with all the latest luxury and modcon features."

ES at a glance

The new ES, shown to a selected number of journalists ahead of the Jozi show at functions first in Cape Town and then in Johannesburg but without a drive and in floodlit darkness, is the latest model to wear the bold new 'spindle grille' face of Lexus: the dramatically sculpted spindle grille. Other striking L-Finesse-inspired features, the automaker says, include a strong shoulderline, daytime running lights and a broad, ground-hugging stance.

Short front and rear overhangs and dramatic 17" alloy wheel rims accentuate the sense of purposeful composure. Here's how Lexus describes its latest products:

• The interior offers class-leading spaciousness along with an enhanced driving position. In comparison to the outgoing model (not available in SA) the latest ES comes with a reduced steering-wheel angle to improve the feeling of control at the wheel, the front seats can now be lowered by a further 15mm for better headroom. Rear headroom is increased by 20mm and rear knee space is up by a remarkable 60mm.

• The ES interior is a harmonious balance of engaging warmth, ergonomic intelligence and leading-edge technology. Stand-out features include the second-generation 'Remote Touch' interface working with a 20cm deep-set color monitor, satnav, leather everywhere in the cabin with high-quality stitching, and ambient lighting.

It also shares many features with the new GS such as the signature analogue clock and the Nano-e aircon. Additional standard niceties include a moonroof, smart-entry, power seats with seat heaters, electro-chromatic rear-view mirror, reversing camera and parking radar. Cabin finishes include piano black and 'Champagne silver' console trim.


• The new ES provides a wealth of highly advanced passive and active safety features. Among them: lane-change cameras with a blind-spot monitor, vehicle stablity sontrol, anti-lock brakes and a crash-prevention system. There are also 10 airbags as standard.

• The rotary drive mode selector allows the driver to access Eco Normal or Sport settings. This enables a wide spectrum of experience in the ES, from highly economical and relaxed driving in Eco – where features such as throttle responses and aircon are moderated to the far more sporty and direct Sport mode. Instrument cluster illumination reflects the mood: blue for Eco and red for Sport.

• The ES 250 is powered by a new 2.5 litre dual VVT-i twin-cam four-cylinder engine that produces 135kW at 6000rpm and 235Nm at 4100rpm. With the aid of the standard six-speed auto, the Lexus ES 250 does the century sprint in less than 10 seconds and can exceed 200km/h.

• The Lexus ES 300h (order only) sees a 2.5-litre single VVT-i twin-cam Atkinson cycle four-cylinder unit (118kW at 5700 pm and 213Nm of torque at 4500rpm) joining hands with a 105kW electric motor that’s fed by a 650V nickel-metal hydride battery for a combined 151kW output.

Equipped with an eCVT system, the Lexus ES 300h does 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds before maxing out at 180km/h.

  • Nathi Olifant - 2013-10-02 08:25

    I knew it! And it's front wheel drive :( Now i understand why Lexus have canned the GS250 and why they did not bring us the IS250. Screams rip-off! Sad their portfolio has limited choices, byt the end of theses models' lifecycle they will start bring a host of other models. Sad

      Thando Gqabaza - 2013-10-02 09:03

      Its a more affordable Lexus - what are you complaining about ?

      Nathi Olifant - 2013-10-02 17:18

      my complaint is that it's not a true driving machine like the IS and the GS

  • Harold Nkgudi - 2013-10-02 09:54

    Interesting! I could not get my head around why ES, because I always thought it will cannibalise the GS, but I see now they are gambling on killing the IS. The ES is likely the return of Camry but under prestige brand. I guess they are looking for product that can penetrate the market from affordability perspective. Nathi, I guess u mean the canned the is250 not GS250. The IS350 will remain providing that snappy like sport sedan, the ES & GS250 will remain being a family sedan(space, luxury, etc).i will consider replacing my IS250 sport for a ES300h

      Sabs Mzuku - 2013-10-02 14:06

      So its safe to say its aimed at Optima, Sonata, Legacy and Passat, atleast that's what i'm thinking. The price will determine its slot i suppose.

      Nico Basson - 2013-10-02 15:54

      Yep, the ES is a basically the Camry of the Lexus line-up. The IS is a more sporty option, the GS is way more expensive.

      Nathi Olifant - 2013-10-02 17:17

      I get you Harold, Sir!

      Nathi Olifant - 2013-10-03 20:29

      Harold, the GS250 is no more

  • Riotous Ramohlale - 2013-10-02 09:55

    The GS looks awesome and is roaming the streets. This is its cheaper alternative. I am sold. The IS is one riotously exciting machine. I am waiting for a bribe.

  • Leon Janse van Rensburg - 2013-10-03 08:29

    The question Lexus/Toyota need to ask themselves: Why are we selling 2 IS250's compared to the the c-class,3 series and A4 which sells their models in the thousands. It does not take a rocket scientist to know this but here goes: Pros = 1 not bad looking Cons: Slow american type automatic gearboxes, Engines which does not match their rivals for performance, power, torque, fuel consumption etc, Plasticy materials used in interiors and the list goes on...Why cant Toyota/Lexus see this. Give me one good reason why I would buy this over a 3 series, A4, c-class? That is another question Lexus/Toyota need to ask themselves.

      Robert Oliver Grieveson - 2015-01-12 22:27

      Sorry so late but have just read your comments on Lexus. The Lexus does not compete with the 320 or the A4 simply because it is a class above. To be fair you have to compare only the six cylinder Bmw with the Is250 - Lexus IS truly a luxury brand , silent efficient and bullet proof. I have owned Audi, BMW and Mercedes and now on my second Lexus and until you own and pay for these cars you cannot appreciate the real difference. None of the three Germans were bad cars although the one BMw was troublesome but the sheer slickness and finesse of Lexus really has to be experienced to understand, even the silent close of its doors, it is in the detail that you realise just what a great car Lexus have produced.

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