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Keen pricing for Hyundai's baby 4x4!

2004-11-12 10:58

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The all-new Tuscon will rival soft-roaders such as the Toyota RAV4 and Land Rover Freelander. Wheels24 managing editor John Oxley is currently on the South African launch of the Tuscon. He will give his impressions of the vehicle on Monday.


2.0 liter 4x2 Petrol Engine (Manual)

  • 104 kW @ 6000 r/min
  • 184 Nm @ 4500 r/min
  • Price - R194 900

    2.7 liter, 4X4 Petrol Engine (Automatic)

  • 129 kW at 6 000 r/min
  • 241Nm @ 4000 r/min Piston displacement is 2656cc.
  • Price - R254 900

    2.0 liter 4X4 CRDi Diesel Engine (Automatic)

  • 82.5 kW @ 4000 r/min
  • 245 Nm @ 1800 to 2 500 r/min
  • Price - R259 900

    4x4 setup

    The Electronic 4WD system chosen for the Tucson is called "On Demand 4WD". In normal driving, you're mostly in front-wheel drive were the torque is split in 80-20% front ? rear.

    As the front wheel traction decrease the torque to the rear wheels will increase for better traction stability. When you hit the 4WD lock button, the 4WD will engage if the vehicle speed is less than 30 Km/h, which give you that 4X4 capability for off-road driving.

    In 4WD mode the torque to the front and rear wheels are split 50-50%. If your speed increases over 40 km/h the system will disengage and return to "all wheel drive" mode until the speed is reduced to below 30 Km/h to re-engage 4WD. The 4WD system is always available until it's switched off.

    The Traction Control System is always active until you switch it of with a button and the TCS OFF indicator lamp is on. It reads the driving conditions, and then transfers the power of the engine to the wheel that is not slipping.

    This will allow you to pull off or accelerate in wet and slippery conditions

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