Jaguar creates one-off rapid F-Type

2015-05-26 13:45

• Jaguar F-TYPE R AWD Bloodhound SSC
•  Support car to Bloodhound SSC
• 5.0-litre 405kW supercharged V8

LONDON, England - Jaguar has announced the F-TYPE R AWD Bloodhound SSC RRV – one of the cars that will support the Bloodhound world land speed record attempt.

The Bloodhound F-Type R is the latest project of Jaguar Land Rover’s special vehicle operations and is wrapped in a bespoke livery created by Jaguar design incorporating the Bloodhound SSC colours.


Set to be unveiled at the Coventry Motofest, in the UK in May, the car will make its way to South Africa for the Bloodhound SSC record attempt in September.

WATCH: F-Type and jet in high-speed test

As technical partner to Bloodhound SSC, Jaguar is supplying engines, engineering expertise and a number of support vehicles for the attempt to break the world land speed record. TheF-Type R AWD has already fulfilled a critical role in the development of the Bloodhound SSC with a communications test back in November 2014.

The combined closing speed of more than 1100km/h enabled the successful test of the system that will allow communications between the ground crew and Andy Green in Bloodhound SSC.

Bloodhound SSC is also fitted with the same 405kW supercharged V8 engine found in the Jaguar F-Type R. The engine powers the supersonic car’s hydraulic systems, as well as pumping high-test peroxide fuel into its rocket boosters.