Jaguar F-Type gets all-wheel drive

2014-11-26 08:47

   • All-wheel drive
   • Seven derivatives
   • 100km/h in 4.1 seconds
   • Distinctive new vents
   • 405kW supercharged V8
   • Sport design packs
   • Range on sale from May 2015

PRETORIA, Gauteng - The whole of the F-Type, Jaguar’s all-aluminium sports car range, will in 2015 “set  standards” for dynamics and driver involvement with the addition of electric power-assistance for steering and an F-Type R Coupe with all-wheel drive.

Jaguar SA says: “The fundamentals remain true to Jaguar’s core DNA of lightweight construction, refined power, perfect proportions and outstanding design – but with electric steering the F-Type coupés and convertibles will deliver an even more rewarding drive.”


The automaker says: “Our target with the all-wheel drive F-Type was to maintain that engaging rear-drive character that’s so important to Jaguar sports cars. The result is a controllable, exploitable and blisteringly-fast performance car for all weather and road conditions.”

"The enhancements come to all seven models in the F-Type range, which now adds the 405kW F-Type R Coupe with the supercharged V8, all-wheel drive and an eight-speed Quickshift transmission.

Transmitting the V8’s 680Nm to the road though all four wheels helps the R models to accelerate to 100km/h in 4.1sec on the way to its maximum 300km/h.

Integrating all-wheel drive required only subtle changes to the F-Type’s styling, the automaker says. “A prerequisite which Jaguar’s design and engineering teams worked side-by-side to achieve – and the enhancements give the F-Type even more presence.”


Jaguar say the aluminium clam-shell bonnet on AWD units gains a deeper central power bulge while each side gets distinctive new vents, positioned further apart and further forward than those of the rear-wheel drive F-Types.

Drivers will quickly notice, adds the automaker, the extra dimension that AWD adds to performance, handling and road-holding in all conditions – especially on slippery road surfaces.

Custom options include a sport design pack, splitter, sills and a venturi while the Coupe gets a fixed rear spoiler.

The 2015 model year F-Type coupe range:
F-Type Coupe (250kW, Quickshift, RWD)
F-Type S Coupe (280kW, Quickshift, RWD)
F-Type R Coupe (405kW, Quickshift RWD or AWD).
The convertibles will include:
F-Type (250kW, Quickshift, RWD)
F-Type S (280kW, Quickshift, RWD)
F-Type R (405kW, Quickshift, RWD).

Jaguar says that, beneath the surface, electronically-controlled shock-absorbers feature recalibrated control software and springs are as much as 10% stiffer. The front control arm bushes are stiffer, too, further helping to improve steering response and on-centre feel.