Honda prepares CR-V concept

2012-02-25 21:46

Honda has revealed images of its CR-V Prototype ahead of its public debut at the Geneva auto show.

The model previews the Japanese automaker’s fourth-generation CR-V softroader in the European specification that will be sold in South Africa.


Compared to the current model, the Prototype’s appearance is slightly more aggressive with expressive body lines and a bolder front fascia.

A smoother lower bumper design, among other additions, allows for improved aerodynamics, Honda said.

The CR-V preview will be shown for the first time on March 6, 2012, at the Geneva auto show.

According to Honda SA, the next-generation CR-V will "probably" reach South Africa in late 2012.

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  • Ebon - 2012-02-27 16:44

    The last pictures I saw of the new CR-V were not particularly inspiring. But these latest pics are looking very good!

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