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The cars that made our #2018BestNine Instagram list

2019-01-04 13:00

Sean Parker

Image: Quickpic

Before we get really stuck into 2019, there's still time for Instagram junkies to check out their top nine best-performing posts of the 2018, called 'best nine of 2018'. Duh.  

If you're not sure what the 'best nine' is, the awesome people at 2018bestnine.com use an algorithm to generate your top nine Instagram posts.

It also shows how many likes all your posts have generated for the past year. 

Cars that feature in Wheels24's 'best nine' posts of 2018:

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Ford Ranger Raptor (X3)

Volkswagen Tarok Concept

BMW 8 Series


BMW 3 Series

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