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Geneva reveal for Alfa's sexy 4C

2013-02-13 08:47

ITALIAN ICON RETURNS TO THE US: The Alfa Romeo 4C marks the return of the automaker to US soil. We'll have to wait until March 5 when its finally launched at the 2013 Geneva auto show.


Italian automaker Alfa Romeo will return to the US in style when its stunning coupe is presented at the 2013 Geneva motor show. Check out spy images of the new 150kW 4C.

ZURICH, Switzerland - The new Alfa Romeo 4C will make its debut at the 2013 Geneva International Auto Show in March, marking the return of the Italian automaker to the United States.

The rear-wheel drive two-seater coupe, the automaker says, is "the true essence of a sports car built by Alfa Romeo". The car is four metres long, two metres wide, 1.18m high and has a wheelbase of nearly 2.4m.

it was designed by Alfa's engineers and will be assembled in the Maserati plant in Modena as a compact supercar that will be launched in 2013.


What's more, the 4C will be available in South Africa.

Chrysler group spokesman Richard Sloman said: "We're planning the car, but it won't be before the end of 2013 and pricing hasn't been decided."

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The "4C" draws its inspiration from the automaker's past: the 8C and 6C in the 1930's and 1940's distinguished cars fitted with powerful "eight cylinders" and innovative six cylinders.

An evolution of the engine already in use in the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Giulietta, the new four-cylinder 1750 turbo petrol mated to a TCT dual clutch auto with paddle shifts powers the new model. No power figures have been revealed but Alfa claims a power to weight ratio of 5.3kg/kW. Weighing just 930kg, this could mean a power output of 177kW.

Initial reports stated that the car would have 175kW.

The 4C will debut an Alfa DNA selector which not only has the three standard settings (dynamic, natural and all-weather) but also a fourth mode - Race - to enhance the driving experience on the race track.

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the 4C draws inspiration from iconic models such as the 33 Stradale and 8C Competizione.

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