Ford's B-Max heads to the city

2012-07-11 06:30

Ford’s new B-Max, the automaker says, responds to the European trend for “right-sizing” and the all-new MPV will have the chance to prove this claim when it goes on sale in Europe shortly.

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According to Ford, as many as 40% of Europe’s large-car owners are looking for smaller, more efficient, wheels while 20% of small-car owners would like more space – the B-Max, Ford says, is a happy medium for  both groups.

Henry Mason of global trend experts trendwatching.com said: “European consumers are mature, urban and sophisticated. Naturally these ‘citysumers’ want cars that fit into their flexible, compact lifestyles.”


The versatile B-Max is able to carry loads of up to 2.3m long, while the 'Easy Access Door System' (hinged doors at the front and sliding at the rear) allows for a 1.5-m wide opening.

Other than its flexibility, the B-Max also comes with Ford’s Sync voice control system (that will soon be made available in South Africa, starting with the Focus models) to integrate cellphones and music players.

Klaus-Peter Tamm, head of Ford’s B-Max project, said: “B-Max is the right response to what customers are looking for in this size of vehicle.

“It’s small, frugal and stylish with an equipment level to satisfy customers who are downsizing from a larger vehicle. It’s a unique offering in the segment and a car that anyone could live with and use for all their needs on a daily basis."

The B-Max will not be sold in South Africa.

  • lumifi - 2012-07-13 01:27

    Lovely MPV. Waiting to see it here soon. Just love it!

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