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Figo concept 'global compact' vision

2014-02-06 10:02

FOR CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD WORLD KIND: Meet Ford's Indian-built Figo concept - the external mirrors could be optional for the Third World's congested streets. Image: FORD

• Concept is Ford’s vision for a global compact car with advanced tech for emerging markets - including SA.
• Sub-four-metre design “perfect” for B segment
• Brings "new look and spirit” and more quality/tech than buys might expect
• Will meet huge demand for high-quality, fuel-efficient compacts

NEW DELHI, India - Ford has revealed its vision for a global  B-segment compact car with “premium design” and “segment-redefining smart and safety features” ahead of the 2014 New Delhi auto show.

The show hosted the global release of the Ford Figo concept with which, Ford says, it “intends to set standards for quality and craftsmanship in the B-segment and exceed emerging-market consumers’ expectations”.


The car is less than four metres long and, Ford asserts, “displays a purposeful presence and a no-compromise aesthetic that continues Ford’s design leadership in the global compact-car market”.

The Figo is already a budget model in South Africa.

Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s vice-president for engineering and global product development, added: “We are showing that choosing a compact sedan does not mean compromising premium design or smart solutions. The Figo Concept stands out and surprises, offering a more premium and refined feel one would expect in such a package.”

Ford India president Nigel Harris told Wheels24: “People expect more from cars, even if they are first-time buyers. They demand great fuel efficiency and low cost-of-ownership from purchase price through the life of the vehicle.

The Figo offers all of this with sophistication, fresh design, world-class quality, a roomy interior and innovative smart and safe technology.”

Ehab Kaoud, chief designer for Ford North America who led design for the concept, expanded: “The car is our vision of a refined, no-compromise approach to designing a compact car. So often in this segment you see designs based on current trends that quickly date.”

The shape, Ford says, was fine-tuned through hundreds of hours of wind-tunnel testing to ensure a quiet ride and maximise fuel efficiency.

*The specifications in the Figo concept might change before production starts.


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