Ferrari 599XX goes more extreme

2011-12-01 07:54

It's called an "evolution" of the extreme 599XX... Ferrari has introduced changes to this sports berlinetta to make an even bigger monster for its track-going clients.

The 599XX unveiled at the Bologna auto show in Italy has better chassis dynamics due to its active aerodynamic pack integrated with the car’s electronic control systems.

The F1-inspired aero package uses a concept called “opening gap” for its active rear-wing design; two flaps rotate electronically to adjust the downforce in various situations. Sound familiar?


The new aero package has been integrated with other dynamic control functions, among them the car’s ESP, ASP and F1-Trac transmission. The car also comes with a modified front splitter and new rear diffuser.

Ferrari’s has carved 35kg off its 599XX’s weight and the adoption of side exhausts has allowed engineers to increase engine power to 552kW (an extra 15kW) and torque to 700Nm. 

The Ferrari stand at Bologna is devoted entirely to its racing activities and features the 458 Challenge, the mid-rear V8 berlinetta derived from the 458 Italia and Ferrari’s fifth model for its single-make championship.

  • Craig - 2011-12-01 12:42

    almost as good as sex!

  • Robert - 2011-12-01 16:44

    sex on wheels

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