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FIRST LOOK: Merc's 911-fighter

2014-04-16 10:34

TAKING ON THE 911: The interior of the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is inspired by aeroplanes.Image: Newspress


2013 Mercedes SLC (Spy)

2013-06-26 09:42

Spy photographers captured images of Mercedes-Benz next performance model previously known as its “baby SLS” - the SLC. Check out images of the new model!

Mercedes-Benz gives us a sneak peek at the interior of its new roadster set to take on the Porsche 911 - the AMG GT.

First it was the baby SLS then it became the SLC, now Mercedes-Benz has given its smaller SLS AMG a final moniker - the AMG GT.

It's said to be the most "assertive and dynamic product yet" to make its way out of Affalterbach.

IMAGE GALLERY: 2014 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (Interior)

Mercedes has released the first images of its AMG GT interior, showing an opulent,  leather-ensconced cabin. The centre console has been designed with an aviation theme, the gear shifter and Command centre adjuster inspired by a thrust lever from a jet plane.

Surrounding the lever are four buttons on either side in the shape of the cylinders of a V8 engine.

That's no mistake as Merc has said its AMG GT will be fitted with a V8 under the bonnet, though it hasn't confirmed specs yet. 

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