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Electric superbike due in 2015

2014-02-12 21:27

STUNNING ELECTRIC BIKE: Fans hoping to purchase Energica’s new electric bike will have to wait another year to get their hands on the Ego. Image: ENERGICA

The Energica Ego, a 100kW electric superbike, has been delayed until 2015. Ahead of its launch, the bikemaker answers some riders questions ranging from claimed range to never having to struggle for 'the right gear' again.

The Energica Ego, a 100kW first electric superbike, has been delayed for a year. Due to be released in 2014, the bikemaker reports that its Ego EV will be launched in 2015.

The Energica Ego is powered by a synchronous electric motor (battery capacity 11.7kWh) capable of 100kW/195Nm and 240 Km/h.

IMAGE GALLERY: 2015 Energica Ego

The 258kg bike is 2.1m long, 1.1m tall and 0.7m wide with a wheelbase of 1.4m and seat height of 0.8m.

It's  equipped with a vehicle control unit and a multi-map system for energy management supported by two microprocessors and is able to release maximum power, “assuring full battery performance during the whole life cycle of the vehicle’s charge”.

The control unit manages the battery regenerating braking system in conjunction with the anti-lock brakes.  The VCU of the Energica EGO also keeps check of the battery efficiency when the vehicle is switched off.

The bike  has an on-board battery charging system of 110-220V with a cable interface on the electric column. Recharging is rated at 3.5 hours on a charging unit or 30min (to 85%) with a fast-charge station. Claimed vehicle range is 150km at 80 km/h, 190km at 60km/h, 100km at 100km/h and 50km on a race track.

There's a 10.3cm colour digital dashboard with GPS, Bluetooth and internet connectivity via LTE/UMTS/GPRS as well as data logging.

Energica answers questions from riders relating to its new Ego electric bike:

Q: Without exhaust and engine noise, won’t your electric motorcycle be silent?
A: "The sound of the Energica EGO is a roar of power that will astonish you! This is due to the straight-cut final drive gears similar to the drive train of an F1 car."

Q: How fast can the Energica Ego go despite the lack of a gearbox?
A: "Electric motors provide huge torque and are direct drive with a constant smooth power band. The electric motor enables the vehicle to obtain constant high performance with a 0 -100km/h time of less than three seconds.

"The rider can focus attention on the pleasures of riding with the certainty of having all the necessary power to enjoy the gradual acceleration while carving a curve. Electric-car manufacturers use the same design for their vehicles.

"In fact, a gearbox to support 195Nm, even if only using two gears, would lead to an increase of weight, but also would lead to problems of proportions, which on a motorcycle are very restrictive.

"In addition, a misuse of the gearbox by the user may result in worse consumption (a person who “pulls the gears” consumes much more energy than a motorcycle without a gearbox."

Q: The excitement of changing gears and feathering the clutch isn’t present in the Ego; don’t you think the lack of a transmission can reduce rider enjoyment?
A: "It’s hard to compare electric vehicles with the combustion engine-powered vehicles. The internal combustion engine (ICE) achieves torque on a gradual curve that requires higher revolutions to obtain maximum performance.

"The electric motor behaves differently as maximum torque, the power transmitted from the wheel to the ground, is 100% from 0-5000rpm. In addition, with no  gears, clutch, or shifting, the process of searching for the “right gear” and rpm is eliminated, allowing for full concentration on braking, cornering, and acceleration.

The excitement of riding an electric motorcycle is more than just power. It’s less work and instantly feeling the torque of the motor.

Q: Can the average rider achieve the claimed range of the Ego?
A: "The range depends on its use, just like any type of vehicle. You’ll get about 150km range with an average speed of 80km/h, and 190-200km with an average speed of 60km/h (street circuit).

"On the  racetrack, you’ll get about 50km with an average speed of 100km/h but, of course, the Energica Ego is a street bike not a race bike."

Q: How long will the battery last? Can they be recycled?
A: "We are working on our Second Life battery project and a method that will enable people to rent/lease a battery. For a small monthly fee you will have your battery replaced after a period of time and your vehicle will be good as new."

Q: Are you creating a naked version? What will be the price of Energica Ego?
A: "The retail price will depend on the battery’s price fluctuations in 2014 to 2015. We hope to remain from R323 000 to  R374 000. The Ego will be available for purchase in Europe in 2015. As for the naked version, we shall  see…"
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