Ducati Scrambler build starts in Bologna

2014-12-03 10:01

  •   • First Scrambler out of Borgo Panigale
    Employees greet new bike
    Stars of ad campaign are named

  • BOLOGNA, Italy – The legendary yellow container has returned to Ducati. Only six months have gone by since the Ducati Scrambler project was presented to Ducati employees and the Borgo Panigale plant is now, once again, the focus of attention.

    This time it's to celebrate the start of production of the new bike, 40 years after the previous Ducati Scrambler rolled off the line back in the 1970's.


    For Ducati, the company says, the Scrambler means the birth of a brand, a new approach to the motorcycling world that looks beyond performance and technology to include freedom of expression, fun and shared positivity.

    To celebrate this new world and the arrival of the first bike, the area at the end of the Ducati Scrambler assembly line hosted a “Land of Joy”, with a green lawn, music, street food (provided by Foodly Street) and, naturally, the yellow container.

    Celebrating the production launch of a new bike with employees is a consolidated tradition at Ducati, the bikemaker says, but with the Scrambler the event had an even deeper meaning as it fully reflected the “Land of Joy” spirit which is said to characterise the new brand.

    In addition to the team that followed its development, the technicians and the workers, the first bike off the line was also greeted by Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, together with Silvano Fini, manager of the Borgo Panigale plant.

    Domenicali said at the event: “This first bike will bring a breath of fresh air and fun to Ducati dealers and provide a great product that combines modernity with heritage in a way never before seen in the motorcycle industry.

    "It fills us with enormous satisfaction and pride."


    The event also announced the names of the two winners of a competition announced back in June 2014 to find, within the company, two protagonists for the new advertising campaign, the new “Franco and Elvira”, the two Ducati employees who back in the 1970's starred in the then Ducati Scrambler ad campaign.

    The new faces will be those of Stefano Rendina and Federica Forlani, chosen directly by the employees and destined to symbolise the freshness, originality and joy of this latest Ducati brand.

    The Ducati Scrambler will be with South African dealers by, it's hoped, the end of March 2015 with prices (depending on the state of the rand) ranging from about R119 000 to R139 000. You can book your bike at a dealer with a deposit of R20 000.


    • BV - 2014-12-03 12:56

      It's just gonna be too much money for what you get in my opinion. The bike is extremely appealing to me but at R120k-R140k we are heading into a very different bracket. It should have been around the R80K mark.

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