Citroen launches C4 Picasso

2013-04-02 10:05

The European market is ready for Citroen as the French automaker launches its 2013 C4 Picasso after its unveiling at the March 2013 Geneva auto show.

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Citroen SA says its not yet sure if the car will reach South Africa - which shows not great planning, in Wheels24's view - but if the car does get a green light it could be here before the end of 2013.

The quirky MPV has a more modern design, compact interior, proportionately huge boot and features the first Citroen internal combustion engine to boast CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km.

The C4 Picasso Technospace is the first Citroen to have the automaker’s new BlueHDi 1.5-litre Euro6 diesel engine.
The model line-up includes the e-HDi 90 Airdream engine, mated to the new six-speed, clutchless auto gearbox (ETG6) producing only 98g/km of C02 emissions and only 3.8 litres/100km.


Next up is the e-HDi 115 engine with 104g/km CO2, while the manual version makes 105g/km and four litres/100km. The BlueHDi 150 emits 110g/km of CO2 and has a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) module, currently the most efficient technology for treating nitrous oxide (NOx) and cutting CO2 emissions, the automaker says.

Should the C4 Picasso find its way to SA, Citroen SA says, it's not sure what the local model line-up will include.

Standard features include a dual digital driving interface with an 18cm touchpad and 30.5cm panoramic HD screen, park assist, cruise control, active seat belts and automatic high/low-beam.

The car is 140kg lighter than the current model and stands out with a bold design which flows out to the new LED daytime-running lights just above the slimmer headlights and rear LED 3D-effect lights.

Based on the new efficient modular platform 2 (EMP2), the car is 4.43m long, 1.83m wide and 1.61m high, with boot space of 537 litres with the rear seats still up. It also means overhangs are shorter by 70mm in the front, the engine block sits lower by 50mm and the track is 82mm and 31mm wider at the front and rear respectively - this all makes for better handling.

It also provides refinements on the suspension with the shock-absorbers positioned vertically and a vertical axle bolt above the centre of the wheel. The electric power-steering dampens vibrations transmitted from the road to the steering column, as well as reduced road noise. All models will also come with "intelligent" traction control to improve grip on slippery surfaces.

Although the interior is a lot more compact than before it is more spacious and Citroen has dubbed the cabin’s looks as a “loft-style interior”. There’s a panoramic windscreen and a large glass roof.

There are eight body colours to choose from and a range of alloy designs available in 16-18” wheels.

There’s an optional lounge pack which includes front massage seats, a "relax" seat that allows the front passenger to stretch legs and an adjustable head restraint on each seat.


New materials are used throughout the cars, including on the dashboard which fades from black to a lighter shade and sparkle finish on the passenger side. Satin-finish chrome and gloss black inserts are also added.

The 18cm touchpad controls in-car functions such as dual-zone aircon, navigation, audio, phone and driving aids, while the 30.5cm screen shows driving data configured by the driver for either the satnav or driving aids. And, to customise  even more, you can now add photos to set a screen backdrop.

As of 2014, customers will also have access to the Citroen Multicity Connect which uses connected applications to show the nearest garages, hotels, restaurants, weather updates and traffic reports.

Other standard niceties include keyless entry and ignition, a power tail door, reversing camera and stop/start technology on diesels (except the HDi 90 manual). It also has 360 vision which uses four cameras around the car to give the driver a bird’s-eye view, a rear view or a panoramic front view.

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