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2011-12-30 08:22
Renault has enlisted the combined creative talents of four European artists, one of them Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, to help punt its latest Twingo riange.

The automaker says the cars have been has been designed "to fuse the best of the values which made the original such a success". But wait, as they say, there's more...

"With a fresh, exciting and fun design in tune with its times, New Twingo (does that make the previous model the Old Twingo? one wonders) gains a softer, cheerful front end, reflecting the mischievous spirit that made the first version of the car (the Very Old Twngo?) such a roaring success."

Enough already!

Anyway, Renault has decided to offer four "artists" (Renault's quotes) of "varying nationality and cultural disciplines - fashion, music, design and cooking", an opportunity to express their vision of a 'Cabinet of Curiosity' by creating their own Twingo interior.

The results of the style project, Renault says, reflect their view of the world: joyous, optimistic, clever and bold "just like the compact city car".

RICHARD SCABIN'S CREATIION: A detailed inventory of all the components of Italian cuisine.

The "artists" chosen were:

UK singer Nicola Roberts.
French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac,
Italian chef Davide Scabin.
German designer Nils Holger Moormann

...and here's what they did.

Nicola Roberts: Twingo Goes Pop.

Roberts described her effort as  a synopsis of her life: music and fashion – washed down by gallons of coffee!

It includes a recording studio in the rear, a coffee machine, combined with clothes, personalised portable music-player, hair dryer and a make-up counter in the front. She reckons it's "an all-purpose car-cum--living space of a British working girl".

"In my Twingo Cabinet of Curiosities, as in my latest album, I've strived to blend my dreams and emotions with my personal, very defined, vision of reality."

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: Twingo 55 FBG

De Castelbajac, Renault says, has "cast the eye of a (French) Republican artist" on the car to invent for it "a presidential destiny… whereby Twingo, that most democratic of cars, assumes the mantle of the Republic".

It includes period furniture, candelabra and polished parquet flooring with a nod to the sumptuous luxury of the Elysées, complemented by its matte black paint job and whitewall tyres. Very rock 'n roll.

“Our generation demands a new low-cost luxury," he says. "We have to reconcile creativity and democracy. It should be a cast-iron rule for all candidates in the (French) presidential elections that they have to travel in a Presidential Twingo."

Nils Holger Moormann: Twingo Reading Room

Nils Holger Moormann decided to make the cabin of his Twingo a place of peace, rest and meditation "in stark contract to the stress which, too often, symbolises cars and travel in general".

He's an avid reader so turn the Twingo into a reading room to escape "far from the madding traffic jam". A library, a big sofa, a fireplace… all the components of a wonderfully cosy den.

“I am casting an eye full of hope," he says, "on the car which is transformed into a personal refuge from which to shelter from the aggression of modern life."

Davide Scabin: Scabin Pasta Twingo

Davide Scabin, like all Italians, loves a ‘Bella Macchina’. In the cabin of his Twingo he has drawn up a detailed inventory of all the components of Italian cuisine with, as a focus for this world of emotions, one essential: pasta.

He then offers us, in a 3D video, his vision: conceptual and refined yet with his cuisine at its heart.

“For me, the car is like cooking," he explained. "It is a discovery, a movement, a journey to other people.

“I see the Twingo as a manifesto, an explosion which expresses the essential values of my work. It is the opposite of standing still."

We'll leave it to you to decide how seriiously these people take themselves...

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