Boy-toy KTM X-Bow GT revealed

2013-03-07 12:13

The new KTM X-Bow GT has a lot to live up to. Its predecessor was described, by the automaker, as revolutionary, pure and radical. It looks like the ultimate boy-toy and according to the automaker, epitomises the term “super sports car”.

It’s making its global debut at the 2013 Geneva auto show, revealing an X-Bow... with a windscreen.


Based on the X-Bow R – itself unique in the matter of high-tech, safety, drive dynamics and appearance – the Austrian manufacturer created a vehicle with characteristics that can be experienced without a helmet. The frameless windscreen, which wraps around the driver and passenger, allows the occupants to forego their own headgear.

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The engine cover has gill-like ventilation slits which connect with the rear bodywork making its new shape appear muscular and powerful. The front also has a new look; the headlight surrounds have become narrower and the bonnets are attached over the front splitter. The new elements – windscreen and side windows – blend into each other creating the “helmet visor effect”. The aerodynamics has been improved in order to generate less drag and even more downforce.

It has a two-litre TFSI engine from partner Audi and a carbon monocoque shell. The interior includes fixed Recaro seat shells, which are integrated directly in the carbon monocoque ensuring safety in conjunction with the four-point safety belts. Adjustment comes from a sliding pedal box and a multi-function steering wheel with adjustable height and depth. The centre console has been revamped and behind the shift lever are the switches for multiple windscreen actions.
The rear of the vehicle accommodates the engine. The fuel-injected unit combines the dynamics of turbocharging with charge-air cooling. The engine electronics have been revamped for the “GT” with particular attention being paid to drivability: in addition to a maximum power output of 212kW, 420Nm of torque and acceleration to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds. Alongside these power and torque characteristics, the four-cylinder engine achieves a minimum fuel consumption of 8.3 litres/100km.

It achieves its maximum torque of 420Nm at an engine speed of 3200rpm – the maximum power output of 212kW is attained at 6 400rpm.

It works with a manual six-speed gearbox from Audi and the standard limited-slip differential has been completely retuned.


Underneath the vehicle is a three-piece, completely flat, racing underbody derived from formula racing vehicles. 100kg of downforce is generated at 200km/h thanks to the front splitter, underbody and rear diffuser.

To counteract its driving power, the vehicle offers the same level of braking power. The brake system employs a four-piston, fixed-calliper brake on the front axle, with an internally ventilated, slotted disc measuring 305mm in diameter; the rear unit is a two-piston, fixed-calliper brake with a diameter of 262mm.

There are three new colours available – blue, orange, grey, as well as the time-honoured carbon black.

The price and availability of the car will be announced after the Geneva Launch.

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