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Bentley's battery future debuts in Beijing

2014-04-22 12:53

LUXURY REFINED: Even luxury automaker Bentley has stepped on to the band-wagon with hybrid technology. It has unveiled its Hybrid Concept at the Beijing auto show.Image: Bentley

  • Global debut of Bentley Hybrid Concept
  • Bentley pioneers luxury plug-ins
  • Three debuts for China
  • China remains key Bentley market

BEIJING, China - Bentley has unveiled its vision of "a more powerful and more efficient future" with the global debut of its hybrid concept at the international auto show in China.

The brand is also presenting at the show, which opened on April 20, three new models for China – the Flying Spur V8, the Continental GT Speed and the GT V8 S.


Bentley said: "The hybrid  is based on the flagship Mulsanne, showing that hybrid technology can enhance even the pinnacle of luxury and performance.

"Copper is used as an exterior and interior styling element to highlight the car’s electrical veins from accents on the radiator grille and headlights to cross-stitching throughout the car’s elegant leather cabin."

GALLERY: 2014 Bentley Hybrid Concept

The hybrid system, Bentley says, can increase power by as much as 25%, reduce emissions by 70% and power the car alone for as far as 50km.

Bentley will introduce a plug-in hybrid SUV in 2017 and, by the end of the decade, at least 90% of Bentley cars will be available as a plug-in hybrid.

Wolfgang Schreiber, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, said at the 'reveal': “Adding performance and efficiency with no compromise on luxury - plug-in hybrids are an important part of Bentley’s exciting future and we are proud to pioneer these developments in the ultra-luxury sector.”

Also making its Chinese debut at the Beijing Show are:

• The Flying Spur V8, broadening its appeal to new customers.  Powered by a 507PS engine, the Flying Spur V8 can reach 100km/h in 5.2sec and cover more than 800km on a (90-litre) tank of fuel - about 11.5 litres/100km.

• The latest 330km/h Continental GT Speed - the fastest production Bentley yet with 635 PS and 820Nm of torque - is also being shown for the first time in Asia. Its stiffer and lower Speed chassis comes with new Speed styling.

• The new Continental GT V8 S, a faster, more dynamic and more agile new model for people who want a V8 with a sharper performance character.

Bentley says: "With a number of new Bentley models set to arrive in the region (China) in 2014,interest in the luxury car brand is set to remain high."

Ricky Tay, MD of Bentley China, commented: “China has always been a key market for Bentley. After a remarkable 2013 we've seen an impressive start to 2014 with a 19% increase in sales in the first quarter.

"Our customer base is growing and we are expanding our dealer network to offer our ultra-luxury products and a unique brand experience throughout the region.”

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