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Anderson wraps Mazzer GT in black

2011-08-01 21:20

SINISTER TRIDENT: If Batman were Italian he’d drive this. Anderson Gran Turismo S Superior Black.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Maserati
Model GranTurismo S
Engine 4.7-litre V8
Power 362kW
Whereas Ferrari remains the toy of choice for playboys and sports celebrities, a Maserati has always been the more elegant Italian two-door performance car alternative.

The cars from Modena manage to blend those key performance elements (savage urge and styling drama) in a manner far more elegant than Ferrari.

Maserati’s current two-door coupe, the GranTurismo, is a case in point. Its proportions and styling details are near perfect. It's available in three grades (standard, S, or MC Stradale), performance is keen, too, as the striking coupe runs a characteristic V8 in escalating peak power outputs of 295, 323 or 331kW depending on the affix.


What, though, if you wish to add some sinister detailing to your Grand Turismo S? Well, you can contact Anderson, a German tuning consultancy in Düsseldorf. For an undisclosed sum, technicians there will wrap your Grand Turismo S in matte vinyl and swop the standard 'S' 20" rims for five-spoked 21" items.

Beyond the Italian 'Night Rider' styling feel, Anderson technicians have fiddled with the engine control software, swopping out the standard air-filters for less restrictive ones and attached new exhaust plumbing to crank out an additional 39kW to peak at 362kW. Impressive numbers for a naturally aspirated, 4.7-litre V8, and the new exhaust is 13kg lighter than Maserati’s factory tubing.

So, if Darth Vader is your hero and you believe in the dark side of the (rotational) force, Anderson’s Black Edition is simply the business.

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