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6 times the Kia Grand Sedona proved to be a fantastic people mover

2019-02-28 12:15

Janine Van der Post

kia grand sedona

Image: Ryno Cloete

One wedding, a funeral, and Christmas drive along the West Coast - Janine Van Der Post experiences Kia's new Grand Sedona as it proved to be a great MPV for an any occasion.

I'm part of large family; my mother is one of ten siblings, my father had three older sisters. And let's not even mention my husband's side of the clan. What this means is family special occasions require a lot in terms of logistics. This is where a large MPV, such as the Kia Grand Sedona, truly shines.

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More than anything else about the Grand Sedona, its the two large, sliding doors that I adore the most; the fact that you can simply hit a button to operate the doors in the rear, or even do so from the key fob by holding in the side-door button for either the left or right passenger door is a boon.

Accessing the third-row of seats is simple even for the older crowd as the second-row of seats can be pushed forward and straight-up for ease of ingress. Legroom is a treat no matter where you're sitting in the car and almost everyone can stretch out their limbs.

Here are 6 times the Grand Sedona proved to be a treat

1. A fancy chariot for a party of princesses

These little girls loved the Grand Sedona when the bride was running late on a scorching day during the December 2018 holidays. The were reluctant to want to leave the comfy confines of the MPV.

2. 'It's as big as a house!'

The Van der Post family had planned a massive reunion for almost a year. When the day arrived in the Swartland, it could fit a large gazebo, numerous coolerboxes, pots and braai grids, and several picnic blankets and camper chairs. The little ones also thought the Grand Sedona made the perfect place to play pretend 'house and ice cream parlour' when a peculiar strange wind tried to ruin the day.

kia grand sedona

                                                                Image: Ryno Cloete

3. Sliding side doors

These sliding doors meant that elderly passengers could easily enter and exit the vehicle and its fabulous grab handles are a great help.

4. Boot space for days

The cargo area is another highlight as the deep loading bay means oodles of space for when Mom needs to pack in her famous flans, lemon meringues, and her famous trotter curry to spoil the rest of the family.

And let's not forget the toddler's extra bags of clothing, books, artwork, and toys, or whatever else. Naturally there's also plenty of room to bring back any leftovers.


5. "Can you pick us up? Can we drive with you?"

Even when venturing out towards the local mall for groceries, or a ride to church, passengers loved the Grand Sedona.

6. 'Ons gan see toe!'

I loved that my parents could drive around with us all the time too.

Holidays are such a special time and to be behind the wheel in an easy-driving, safe vehicle during the crazy festive season really gives you peace of mind. The fuel consumption is favourable at about 8.0-litres/100km and with all the visits and round trips, it really is a relief to your bank balance.

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