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2019 Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi to show two new concepts

2019-10-04 10:30

Image: Newspress

Two new concept cars from Mitsubishi will make their global premieres at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, the Mi-Tech Concept and the Super Height K-Wagon Concept will be on display from October 24 to November 4. 

The Mi-Tech Concept is an electric SUV featuring a new, downsized and lighter plug-in hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) drivetrain, a four-motor electric 4WD system and advanced driver assistance with active safety systems according to the Japanese automaker. 'Mi-Tech' is constructed using the “M” from Mitsubishi and the “I” from Intelligent, Ingenious and Inspired, while the Tech is an abbreviation of Technology.

The plug-in hybrid system uses a gas turbine engine generator instead of a petrol engine generator, delivering two modes: pure-electric driving and series hybrid modes. Its driven by a four-motor all-wheel drive system called with dual motor active yaw control with two motors for both the front and rear axles.


Image: Mitsubishi

The second concept on display is the Super Height K-Wagon Concept, it's a modern iteration of the traditional Kei car, which is the Japanese vehicle category for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars.

The kei car category was created by the Japanese government in 1949, and the regulations have been revised several times since, according to Wikipedia. 

The Super Height K-Wagon Concept features the roomy interior space with a touch of SUV-ness thrown in.

Mitsubishi says the car delivers nimble handling and brisk performance while maximizing interior space and has safety features like theh driver assistance technology, forward collision mitigation, mis-acceleration mitigation and other advanced active safety systems.


Image: Supplied

Compiled by Sean Parker


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