2013 Kuga poised to pounce

2012-12-20 14:09

When the current Kuga was released for the South African market in 2012 it was segment leading in all aspects of design and its newer, shiner version of itself is determined not to disappoint in 2013.

Ford’s all-new Kuga mid-size SUV will, Ford says, deliver class-leading technology, fuel efficiency, safety, drive and comfort.

The new Kuga, Ford says, is its centrepiece to expand in the European SUV market and will offer a comprehensive array of features, among them:


• 'Intelligent' all-wheel drive with 'curve control'.
• The segment's first hands-free tailgate that operates with a gentle kicking motion.
• Class-leading fuel economy, including an EcoBoost petrol engine.
• Ford SYNC with 'emergency assist'.

The five-star safety-rated Kuga has an 88% Euro NCAP score.


The Kuga powertrains will reduce fuel consumption by 25% and diesel fuel consumption by 10%; EcoBoost petrol engines will also be available.

The 1.6-litre EcoBoost 112kW, front-wheel drive, petrol engine claims six litres/100km and 154g/km CO2. The 105kW two litre TDCi Duratorq diesel is also available with FWD and AWD versions offering from five litres/100km and 139g/km CO2; and a 122kW version also achieves from five litres/100km but with 154g/km CO2.

The primary goal of the AWD system at low speeds is traction; at speeds above 30km/h the system is tuned to improve driving feel, handling and response. A cluster display shows drivers the torque demand of each wheel at any moment.

Ford Curve Control claims to be a safety precaution for drivers who have entered a bend too fast. The system prevents understeer by braking and reducing engine torque."

Michael Nentwig of Ford Europe says: "Curve Control can support drivers travelling too fast for the road conditions or layout. The obvious example is on a curved off-ramp from a motorway. If the driver hasn’t reduced speed sufficiently this system can step in and safely slow the vehicle by around 17km/second."


The new-spec Kuga will have a bigger boot than the current car and measures to reduce road and slipstream noise have been implemented to, Ford says, help deliver one of the quietest cabins in the segment. 

Martin Smith, executive design director, Ford of Europe said: “We’ve evolved the vehicle to incorporate more space and a faster silhouette, a more precise execution and a higher quality feel.” 

The new Kuga, Ford says, will "blow the myth that an SUV can’t be green, high-tech and capable all at the same time”.

  • jacques.shepperson - 2012-12-20 14:18

    I like the looks!

  • MuhammadSheikOumar - 2012-12-20 16:21

    Looks smart and hopefully we will get the front wheel drive option in SA.

  • cebie.yolanda - 2012-12-22 11:34

    Hope ford will give discount on the price so that the owners of ford kuga 2012 can get the new one as it is very expensive on fuel an maintenace

      paul.cleverley.14 - 2013-01-01 01:51


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