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Meet Smokey Nagata

The man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build.

WATCH: Can racing games make you drive like a pro?

2018-12-20 18:00

Robin Classen

boys playing games

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The gap between real life and virtual reality is closing ever so slightly with a host of new technologies serving as an almost direct replacement for the real thing.

That is especially true with car racing and video games. The guys at Donut Media try and find out if the next Lewis Hamilton can be groomed from the comfort of a couch.

From am to pro

Gran Turismo Sport, the Playstation 4's flagship racing game is one such example where gamer's lap time and progress is monitored by the FIA. An opportunity such as this could lead to simulation racing for a professional team.

It's no surprise then that Red Bull's Max Verstappen spends most of his free time at home in front of his Playstation to 'practice' his craft as a Formula 1 driver. 

WATCH: The physics of racing games

It is nigh on impossible to be good with a control in your hand and make the direct transition to that of a Formula 1 car for instance. 

Ginx Sport TV is a place where professional gamers go head to head with one another in a host of genres including sports and first-person shooting games.

Check out the video:


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