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'When you boo me it hurts my feelings' - Racer Danica Patrick to fans

2017-06-15 09:47

'I HAVE FEELINGS TOO': Danica Patrick, a racer for Ford's Nascar team, is booed on track. Image: YouTube

WARNING: harsh language

Pennsylvania - Danica Patrick, a racer for Ford's Nascar team, confronted a fan for booing her at the  Pocono Raceway.

She was captured on camera speaking to fans during a promotional tour Wednesday.

Unhappy racer

Visibly upset, Patrick walked over to the fan, stating that she doesn't appreciate his comments and that she is 'doing the best' she can.

She said: "I'm taking the booing, I'm doing the best I can. My job is not to sign autographs, my job is to drive the car and tell the chief whats going on.

"I don't appreciate the boos, it hurts my feelings. I am a f***ing person. I'm a person too, I have feelings, when you boo me it hurts my feelings okay?

"Please be supportive fans, I'll do everything I can."

Supporters rally

A nearby fan said in response: "Danica, thank you for your hard work, keep your chin up!"

Check out the clip below:

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