VW continues to invest in the future of motorsport in SA

Volkswagen has established a specialised Motorsport Academy to invest in the future of motorsport locally.

Local racing is 'lekker' but why the disinterest?

'The lack of interest in local motorsport has seen the sport dwindle down from what it once was', writes Charlen Raymond.

WATCH: What not to do at the race track - ill tempered driver starts brawl after a crash

2018-08-17 07:29

Robin Classen

Image: BBC News

A fight broke out between two drivers at a race track in Indiana after a collision took place.

One of these guys took road rage to a different level, throwing punches in front of a cheering crowd from the stands.

Throwing down

In the video, the racer of the car that was crashed into is seen getting out and going straight for the driver of the car who had caused the crash. A fight then breaks out.

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Track marshals try and help calm the situation but a police officer swoops in and takes one of the men down with a taser stun gun.

After all is said and done, both men is taken in by police. Let this be a reminder of what not to do in the heat of the moment, especially on the race track.


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