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WATCH: Race car exits pitstop on fire, driver puts out blaze with speed!

2018-05-28 11:28

Robin Classen

Image: Twitter

Watch the moment an Indy 500 car catches alight while at a pitstop. Incredibly, the driver attempts to put out the blaze by driving the car at speed... and succeeds.

Indy 500 driver Zack Veach entered the pits for new tyres and to refuel when his car was suddenly engulfed in flames.

Ghost rider

Luckily no one was hurt in the incident but what happened after is both amazing and a clever act of improvisation.

The driver, with no time to waste, sped off while the car was still covered in flames - a dangerous move indeed.

As the driver sped up, the flames started dissipating and within seconds disappeared.

People on Twitter and social media have jokingly labelled him the Ghost Rider. 


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