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WATCH: Close your bonnet! This BMW racer's bizarre drive is so ridiculous, his pit crew doesn't know if they should laugh or cry

2019-06-24 14:05
bmw driver pitcrash

Image: YouTube

BMW M4 GT4 driver Rudi Adams became a hazard to himself, and the rest of the field during the 2019 Nürburgring ADAC Total 24 Hour race this weekend.

The #74 car's bonnet popped open during the race and prevented the driver from being able to see the track ahead. According to commentators, Adams was zig-zagging across the grass and the track during one of the fastest parts of the circuit. 

The driver can be seen making his way towards the pits despite his vision being obstructed. Usually drivers would be able to see the road ahead through a small gap, but this was not the case in this instance. Adams then proceeds to crash into the pitwall. He tries with all his might to get the car unstuck, but not even all the power under that super-light bonnet could get him off that wall. If anything, at least the bonnet flipped back down...

You might wonder why he didn't pull over but given the format of the 24-hour race it's understandable as he might've forfeited the race by coming to a stop. Adams' efforts to bring the car back to the pits without pulling over can be seen as valiant; his team would've been able to fix the issue allowing him to rejoin the race. 

Why did he not stick his head out of the window? It's likely that his roll cage prevented Adams from attempting this.

Footage of his Leutheuser Racing pit crew is hilarious since half of the team can be seen cringing in their seats and the other can't contain their laughter.

According to WTF1.com, Adams had completely wrecked the car in that huge impact, but miraculously the team was able to perform repairs and get it out on track again.

Watch the clip below:

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