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Lol! This driver's post-race interview is hilarious

2017-05-03 09:06

SOMETIMES ACTIONS ARE BETTER THAN WORDS: Sprint Car racer Brenna Johnson's hilarious re-enactment of a race incident has won her many admirers. Image: Facebook

United States - Racing drivers are a weird bunch, sometimes they're great on camera such as Daniel Riccardo or they're an interviewer's worst nightmare - Kimi Raikkonen.

And then there's Brenna Johnson, a Sprint Car racer whose recent post-race interview would wake Raikkonen from a slumber. 

Johnson's use of sound effects and a visual re-enactment of an incident in which she was crashed into by car 9B was broadcast by Speed Sport

She told the interviewer: 'I was hammer down, like always. Full throttle. Here comes 9B, BRAAAA!' 

Sometimes words aren't necessary...

Great interview

If you're looking for another crazy interview, check out this clip of Max Verstappen interrupting a Dutch Formula 1 anchor during a broadcast. 

Watch: Brenna Johnson's post-race interview


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