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'It will be a challenging track' - SA's Dakar legend Giniel de Villiers designs tough Red Bull box-cart course

2018-09-11 08:39

Red Bull

Image: Red Bull

Designed by South Africa’s Dakar legend, Giniel de Villiers, Red Bull downhill box cart race  in Sandton is set to offer serious challenges for both driver and cart on September 16.

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De Villiers said: "Creating a downhill track for gravity-powered box carts is a little different to negotiating those big dunes in the Dakar. But, it’s still a race and that means any racetrack needs certain characteristics.

"For starters, you don’t want to make it too easy. It will be a challenging track with some interesting obstacles that will not only test the driver's skill but how well the box cart is built." 

                                                                          Image: Red Bull

De Villiers said: "The actual obstacles are still a closely guarded secret but the teams and spectators can expect some surprises that’s for sure. Before adding how important safety is for the drivers.

"A key part of any racetrack design and there’s plenty of hay bales around to safely stop any contestants who lose their way. You have to wear a helmet too, obviously." 

                                                                     Image: Red Bull


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