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Here's how to become the next Michael Schumacher in karting

2018-02-27 07:55

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Wheels24 reader Reynard Gelderblom attended Round 1 of the Western Province Regional and Club Karting Championship at Killarney International Raceway.

Round 1 of the 2018 Prokart Super Single Endurance Kart Series season kicked off on Sunday (February 25) at the Laserfiche Raceway in Vereeniging. This racing series is unique in South African karting, and has been so for the last 20 years.

The 2018 season consists of a series of nine endurance races for teams of up to six drivers.

Kempton’s Noscotek, resellers of Laserfiche Software, have entered two teams of three drivers into this series. They are the championship title holders for 2017.

Sheldon Halgreen, one of the Directors at Noscotek, says: "We started our team a few years ago and it’s one of the best things we’ve done. The spirit in the office is incredible when it comes to race weekend and we cannot wait to get out onto the tarmac. Everyone in the office gets involved and supports our racing team. It’s wonderful to see the team spirit. It’s only once a month and everyone always looks forward to it."

                                                                      Image: Prokart SSS

In a spirited manner, Halgreen has posed a challenge to other Kempton businesses: "We would love to challenge other local businesses and see if you have what it takes to beat us on the track! 

"Why not get your company involved and start your own team? Noscotek has offered to mentor and assist any new team that comes onboard. They promise that you’ll be setting record lap times before you know it."

How the Prokart SSS works

Unlike most other formulae, Prokart SSS is formulated to equalise the playing field so that the dominant factor in winning is driver skill, preparation and strategy. With a race lasting up 6 hours, you need to calculate fuel usage, pit stop times and driver changes. A good strategy can put any team on top. Above all, Prokart SSS is a fun, family orientated series, where your closest competitor will often be the one helping you get your kart back on track, if you have a breakdown. Their motto is: “We would rather see you on the track than in the pits.”

So, if you have ever wondered what it would be like to compete at Le Mans, or even just go head to head against other drivers of your skill level, this is the closest you are going to get to it in local motorsport.

Most affordable series in SA

The Prokart Super Single Endurance Kart Series is without doubt the most affordable series in the country. You will not find a more affordable way to go racing.
The entire Prokart Series saw over 60 drivers with a variety of skill levels and ages, from ex-professional drivers to beginners all compete in 2017. Many of South Africa’s karting greats, including international world champions have participated in this series. The karts and series rules are designed to keep you less in the garage and more on the track. The karts are powered by extremely reliable Honda or Hoffmann engines. The engines are sealed and may not be modified, keeping the racing fair for everyone.

                                                                  Image: Prokart SSS 

Standard braking systems, very durable tyres, clutches and chassis keep racing close and costs under control. Each kart must meet the minimum weight requirements, including driver. In other words, it is driver skill that makes the difference, not the size of the driver. Each team is responsible for their own kart setup. Each kart is allocated with an electronic transponder for the race, and lap times are recorded for you with live timing.

Remember, multiple drivers means you only pay a fraction of the costs.
Cheering for your team, checking the live timing, planning the race tactics, driver changes, mechanical acumen and fuel stops - it's all there. Our formula is about the love of racing and spending time with your mates. Make no mistake, out on the track "the race is on" but back in the pits - we all love racing and we hope you will join us.

Email - info@prokartsss.co.za , visit the website  or call on 016-4221028 if you want to find out more on how to get started.

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