WATCH: 2018 Dakar Rally - The game!

Dakar '18 will enable players to take on the world's most gruelling race in one of the biggest open worlds yet in a racing game.

Liebenberg victorious at endurance series

South Africa's Bradley Liebenberg impressed on his international endurance race debut at the Dubai Autodrome.

#FOS: Rare Ford RS2000 crashes, driver praises hay bales

2017-06-30 11:01

Image: Youtube

London - Driver Pat Doran praised the crash barriers after crashing his 1986 Ford RS2000 Evo into the hay at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Red flags came out as the the road was closed for some time as the marshalls cleared bits of the 1986 four-wheel drive, mid-engined rally car.

The video shows the veteran lose the back end before the Molecomb Corner which led to a big shunt into the haybales. Ouch! 

Watch the clip below:


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