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Clare Vale on becoming a SA racer: 'Ignore the comments, keep pushing'

2017-08-08 14:30

Image: Eugene Coetzee

Clare Vale is one of South Africa's most loved racing drivers with a heart of gold! Having started her motorsport career in her late 40's, she had to work a lot harder than most women in the sport.

Clare Vale started racing V8 cars at the age of 49. In 2007 she was the first woman to participate in the premier national WesBank V8 Supercar series and made history in 2010 when she made podium.

Wheels24 's Janine Van der Post speaks to her about being a woman in SA's racing scene. 

"I love August – it’s the one month of the year when we have an excuse to remind everyone that women can actually do most things that men can do, and do them well!", says Clare Vale.

"Motorsport is a good example of this."

There are many exceptionally talented female motorsport competitors, both here in South Africa and globally.

Read more about Clare Vale here.


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