SA Gumboot rally open to all

2012-11-23 08:52

Many drivers dream of entering cross-country rallies but can't because of high entry fees and vehicle restrictions. If you think you're the next Sebastian Loeb, the South African Gumboot rally is open to all.

The Gumboot Rally will happen in 2013 and is much like any other rally, except it has an accessible entry fee and any road-legal car can be entered.

The annual event will see 150 drivers of varying experience on four or two wheels cover a 3000km route over five days in SA. The Gumboot Rally will be an endurance event but with a strong emphasis on safety and responsible driving.


While open to any vehicle, some entries will be super and classic cars to maintain some form of show and spectacle. The aim of the rally is to enable anyone to experience the thrill of competing. You can vie for the chequered flag or see it as a great five-day holiday across SA.

Entries will be divided into four categories:
Supercar class - Super/Hyper/Sports cars
Classic cars (older than 40 years)
General class - Everyday vehicles

The general class will be open for any legal road going vehicle with a maximum of four passenger per vehicle.

Each entrant will receive a welcome and info pack ("Goodies Box" to the value of R1000) delivered to their address after the entry fee has been paid.

There will be six checkpoints (including the start and finish) and driving will only be allowed from 7am-8pm but competitors can drive at their own pace and take their own route(s) between checkpoints. According to the Gumboot website: "If you're late for the afternoon events at each checkpoint, don’t worry - there is still the party in the main tent."


Breaking traffic laws is not encouraged and receiving a traffic ticket will result in a time penalty or disqualification. Each checkpoint will have some form of event/task to be performed, some in aid of the the Reach for a Dream Foundation. Entertainment will be supplied at each checkpoint for a bit of fun each evening,

According to the organisers, “this will be a rally aimed at having fun while exploring our beautiful country".

Achieving the fastest completion time in each class will win free entry into the next Gumboot Rally (Event of their choice as three different events are planned each year). The winner of each class will also receive the "No.1" sticker for the next event.

The entry price is R5000 per vehicle. Click here for more information.

  • SkyeJune - 2012-11-25 16:25

    Hmmm I don't know. Strictly a road-trip driving from city to city is not really an "adventure". Not to mention a bit of "copy-and-paste" of The Put Foot Rally website (www.putfootrally.com), which has an affordable entry fee and no vehicle restrictions, doing a huge amount for tourism and charity in Southern Africa. You also encourage breaking the speed limit. You say "This is not a race" (copied directly from PFR website), yet the Gumboot is a timed event?! I feel your event is not well thought out and will have a negative impact on a great industry.

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